There are a number of personality tests available to help you understand yourself better, and links to some of those resources are included at the end of this section.

You may feel that you already know yourself pretty well, but the trick is to understand how your interests, skills, values and personal traits fit with potential jobs. If you can find employment in an environment that matches many of your own interests, values and traits, you will likely enjoy your work more than you would otherwise.

This approach can open up a number of possibilities you may not have considered. Sometimes a career indirectly related to your field of interest turns out to be a better fit than your original career goal.

For example, you may have all of the skills necessary to become an excellent power lineman. However, if you prefer to be with people and don't enjoy isolation, then you probably wouldn't be happy with that job no matter how qualified you are for the position. At the same time you might find that some of the skills that made you an excellent lineman might also be applicable to land acquisition for those same power lines. Suddenly you find yourself in an associated line of work for the same organization, surrounded by people in an office setting, which you find much more enjoyable.

The point is, it is better to consider these things prior to your job search or career planning, as it can help you decide what career paths you may be interested without limiting your options.

The following exercises are a way for you to write out what you already know about yourself, while thinking about how those interests, traits and values can be matched to careers/jobs you are considering. It is a way to make a 'shopping list' of things to look for when considering a well matched job/education/career.

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Below are two options for self exploration:

Method 1

Method One follows a "linear-sequential" path through the career planning process. - Click here to download.

Method Two follows a more "open-ended" approach allowing for great freedom in career exploration, but takes longer to complete. - Click here to download.