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Keeping Your Job

Congratulations on getting hired! All of your hard work has paid off. You got to know yourself using the career planning tools, discovered some opportunities, prepared your resume and cover letter, got an "A" in the interview section and at last you have been offered a job. Way to go!

Now what? You are likely experiencing some feelings of stress. Many questions are occurring to you. This is normal. Starting a new job is a stressful thing. Like most of us, it's probably the unknown that fuels the feelings of anxiety. So what we intend to do here is provide some concrete information to help lessen the number of unknowns.

REMEMBER, you got the job because you were the best candidate for the position. Go forth and enjoy.

Before You Start
  • Before Accepting
  • Before you accept checklist:
  • Things to consider checklist:
  • Pros & Cons
  • Negotiation
  • Prepare  
Your First Day on the Job
  • The First Impression
      1) Dress
      2) Communication
      3) Remembering Names
      4) Strategies for Remembering Names
  • What to Expect on the First Day
  • Surviving the First Day
Your First Week on the Job
  • Be Part of the Team
      1) Build rapport
      2) Be an effective listener
      3) Characteristics of a positive attitude
      4) Watch your environment
  • How Much to Produce in Your First Week?
  • What to Expect Within the First Week
  • Surviving The First Week
      1) Grunt Work
      2) Expect the unexpected
      3) Begin to develop an idea about the larger world you have entered
      4) Own up to mistakes immediately
      5) Figure out what are the most important things to learn
Your First Month on the Job
  • Learning
  • Relationships
  • Mind games
  • Assessment
  • Performance Reviews
And Beyond
  • Showing your stuff
  • Results
  • Dealing with negative responses
  • Show your stuff checklist
  • Workplace Relationships
  • What is Professional Behaviour?
  • Why Do People Act the Way They Do?
  • Dealing with Peers
  • The More Experienced Colleague
  • Dealing with Supervisors
  • Workplace Politics
  • Employer Expectations