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Leaving Your Job

You've had it with your job. You show up to work each day, go through the motions and return home at night. As the months turn into years, you wonder if life needs to be this monotonous. You fantasize about quitting your job and going to work in a fast food restaurant - or owning your own business, where you call the shots.

In the movies, it's possible to tell the boss off and still negotiate a great severance package. In real life, things are more complicated. If you offend your boss, he or she might make you regret it later. Quitting your job can be a touchy situation. Ensure strong emotions don't compromise future job opportunities.

Deciding whether to quit your job raises many questions. Should you inform your co-workers about your job angst, allowing your inner drama to become a daily soap opera for the office to enjoy? Can your distress at work be fixed by better coffee and new plants? Or, is your distress deeper-seated; something that can't be fixed without better job duties and a few new people? Furthermore, how do you write a letter of resignation?

Reasons for Leaving (I Want to Quit, But Why?)

A) Signs and Possible Solutions

  • Stuck in a rut
  • I didn't think I'd be doing this
  • Make a like/dislike list

B) Is it the Job or Career You Can't Stand

  • Reasons to consider a new job
  • Reasons to consider a new career

Consider This First

  • Quitting Outright
  • Work Searches While Employed
  • General Considerations

I Know I Have to Leave, Now What?

  • Changing careers -- identify a goal
  • Changing jobs -- rules to follow

Giving Notice

  • How to give notice
  • The Counter Offer
  • Letter of Resignation template
  • The exit interview

The Lighter Side