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You're moving right along. You've found the perfect job, you've sent in a truly outstanding résumé and cover letter (if you do say so yourself), and all your hard work has finally paid off. You have been called in for an interview.

You know you are the best candidate for the position... Now you just have to convince the employer. It's a great opportunity and if you do well in the interview, the job could soon be yours.

Preparing for the Interview - Success largely depends on what you do before the interviewer even asks the first question.

Common Interview Questions - Why do interviewers always seem to ask such strange or irrelevant questions? Take a look at some common interview questions and find out. We'll also suggest some ways to respond.

Interview Stages - There are three different stages to the job interview. Knowing how to react at each stage can help the entire process go smoothly.

Interview Followup - You're not done yet! There's just a few more things to be done . . .

More Information - Want to practice some more interview questions? Need some tips for a telephone interview? Or just looking for the lighter side of the job interview? Check out the links and resources here.