Post a Job - (Employers only)

Note to Job Seekers: this section is for employers to post jobs, not for youth to apply for jobs. Youth searching for jobs should visit the job boards

YEC can put you in touch with the employees you need. Our clients  (we see thousands each year) range from 15 to 24 years in age and have the skills and abilities to meet your recruitment needs.

For more information about posting your  job vacancies with YEC contact 403-268-2490

If you are ready to post a Calgary and area job, please read the disclaimer below and then click on the proceed button at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer for Employers

The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre provides this public job posting service to inform youth 15 - 24 of available job openings within your organization. The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre is not a placement agency but rather serves as an intermediate party, making youth aware of job openings in Calgary and surrounding area. The Youth Employment Centre does not warrant the compatibility of youth applying for job openings. It is the responsibility of the party posting to ensure that the youth applying are an appropriate fit for their organization. The listing of these job opportunities does not in any way constitute an endorsement of them by the Youth Employment Centre.

The Youth Employment Centre is not responsible for any errors or inconsistencies in the job postings. It is the understanding of the party posting these job openings that it is their responsibility to ensure that their job advertisement complies with all employment and human right standards both provincially and federally.

The Youth Employment Centre will not post job postings or will remove them without notice, if they fail to comply with the standards listed above or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

By clicking on "Proceed" you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above.